Recipe Roundtable Topics Draft

Each week, the panelist that scores the most thumbs up on their cocktail recipes gets to select a random cocktail theme to join our list where we’ll randomly select the next week’s theme. To build the initial board, we conducted the inaugural Recipe Roundtable draft. Here’s the first list of random cocktail themes.

Fernet Branca

If you like bold, bitter flavor, do yourself a favor and run out to grab a bottle of Fernet Branca immediately. This may actually be a great time to do so because we recently discovered that our lovely liquor commission finally brought Fernet Branca back. To celebrate we selected Fernet Branca as the first random cocktail theme for the Recipe Roundtable. Toronto Cocktail here we come.

Yellow Chartreuse

Speaking of a tasty liqueur you can’t often get here (sad), we’re huge fans of Yellow Chartreuse so it made it onto the board. The yellow color is imparted naturally from the 130 plants, flowers, barks, roots and spices. The final spirit is aged in oak for a final layer of complexity.

Amontillado Sherry

Full disclosure, this made the list because Shane has an open bottle and wants to mix with it. Amontillado is absolutely delicious, with a distinct nutty aroma (think almonds), oak and subtle herbal notes. On the palate it is super dry which makes it fun to mix into cocktails. We find it stands up to bold spirits pretty well in the glass.

Warm Cocktails

It was near thirty below the day we did the initial draft and we’ve shoveled more this winter than we can ever remember. Warm cocktails please.

Jerry Thomas

It’s hard to believe any modern bartender would have swagger if Jerry Thomas didn’t pave the way. The father of American mixology was slinging boozy concoctions in the 1800’s with style.


The debate was short on this one. We have the Zombie as a top 5 cocktail in our books. Let’s hope the recipes do it justice.

3-Ingredient Cocktails

Often we’ll find ourselves scrolling Instagram where a tasty looking cocktail catches our eye, only to find the recipe has 16 ingredients and takes a week to create (thanks infusions). Not every recipe needs to be like the Zombie. Simplicity is tasty too.


It was near thirty below the day we did the initial draft, which means it’s the perfect weather to toss a bottle of gin and some glassware in the snowbank for your martini. Maybe we’ll skip those warm cocktails and mix up a martini.

Sparkling Wine

Like the Sherry above, sparkling wine in a cocktail is delicious and also a fun challenge. There’s so much complexity in a good sparkling wine that shouldn’t be overpowered and those bubbles should be preserved in the final drink. These factors made us want to search for some good sparkling wine recipes.

Stirred Cocktails

Maybe we had the martini on our minds still, but a stirred ‘n boozy cocktail sure hits the spot in the dead of winter.

With the draft board ready, it was time to randomly select the theme for week 1. Waiting with anticipation as the wheel spun, hoping with excitement each time the needle passed Martini, it eventually landed on Stirred Cocktails!

Head on over to our week 1 post to dive into our exploration of 4 tasty stirred cocktails.

Mix on friends.

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