Week 4: Martini

Welcome to week 4 of the Recipe Roundtable!

This week’s randomly selected theme is the Martini. A Google search for Martini returns around 154,000,000 results and we narrowed this down to 4 recipes that all did extremely well according to our roundtable. Start chilling your spirits and glassware because these cocktails hit the spot!

Recipe 1: Espresso Martini (Espresso Martini | RecipeTin Eats)

🔹1 1/3 oz Vodka

🔹2/3 oz Coffee Liqueur

🔹2/3 oz Espresso

Besides the 1/3 oz increments across the board being more of a challenge jigger, this cocktail turned out absolutely delicious. When making again we would shake longer to really get that heady foam developed too. As for the garnish, we know the 3 coffee beans is classic, but who really wants to chew on a coffee bean? So we went with a nice aromatic orange twist instead.

Score: 3 thumbs out of 4


Recipe 2: French Martini by @drinkinginmykitchen

The French Martini miniatures inspired this recipe, but since it wasn’t a recipe and a list of ingredients, we settled on:

🔹1 ¼ oz Raspberry Vodka

🔹¼ oz Vanilla Vodka

🔹¾ oz Chambord

🔹2 oz Pineapple Juice

The raspberry comes through nice, and the cocktail isn’t overly sweet. It’s still pretty boozy and works as a great excuse to use up some of that dusty bottle of Chambord.

Score: 3 thumbs out of 4


Recipe 3: Roku Martini (Japanese Craft Gin Cocktails & Drink Recipes | Suntory® ROKU Gin)

The recipe on the website simply lists the components of the drink, so we went for the classic 2:1 template.

🔹2 oz Suntory Roku Gin

🔹1 oz Dry vermouth

🔹1 dash orange bitters

The gin, glass and mixing pitcher were frozen before mixing which is critical. This cocktail ended up being ice cold and delicious. We also stuck with the traditional lemon twist rather than the recommended ginger twirl garnish.

Score: 4 thumbs out of 4


Recipe 4: The Vesper (Vesper Cocktail Recipe (liquor.com)

This is the classic James Bond cocktail, that needs to be stirred. Historically this would be made with Kina Lillet which no longer exists. Cocchi Americano will get you there though.

🔹3 oz Gin (we used @citadellegin)

🔹1 oz Vodka (we used @northernkeepvodka)

🔹½ oz Cocchi Americano (@cocchi1891)

This cocktail is boozy, bone dry and absolutely delicious if it is prepared and served ice cold. Again, the key is to freeze the bottles of spirit and the mixing pitcher before mixing. The results are incredibly delicious.

Score: 4 thumbs out of 4

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