Welcome to the Recipe Roundtable!

Each week we’ll randomly choose a cocktail theme which can be anything – from a specific flavor, a notable bartender, style of cocktail, era. Our roundtable of cocktail enthusiasts will each search for a recipe that embodies the specific theme. The recipe could be something that sounds delicious or looks delicious. It can come from a blog, Reddit, Instagram, our cocktail book collection or even an original idea. Most of the time the recipes will be something we want to drink, but we may land on the occasional dud and that’s ok.

With recipes in hand, we’ll try each cocktail and debate the merits of each offering. It’s important to remember that we’re cocktail enthusiasts, not cocktail experts, which means we’ll have an opinion but we’re also biased towards certain styles and flavors we like and will certainly have those we don’t like. That’s why our rating scale will be super simple – thumbs up if you’d make this recipe again. No ten-out-of-ten ratings. No pro’s and con’s lists. Just a simple scale so you can decide if it’s worth mixing up any of the recipes we present.

A few more things to keep in mind as you join us on this hangover inducing journey:

  • We live in a regulated province, which means our friends at the liquor commission control what spirits we have access to. While we’d love to reach for a bottle of Blue Run Whiskey or Marie Brizard liqueur, we can’t. Punt e Mes? Nope. Velvet Falernum? Nope again. This means we’ll typically try to use what we have access to.


  • Modifications aren’t off limits but are discouraged. We’ll try to follow the recipe as close as possible, but might chose to modify a recipe slightly either out of necessity (that Velvet Falernum problem) or personal preference (shake with a single ice cube? Not today).


  • The whole purpose of this blog is to converse about cocktails, meaning we’ll document our thoughts and any modifications we might think will make the recipes better. Your comments, either here or on social media help us learn and are highly encouraged.


Thank you for reading this far, and we hope you’ll stick around for some tasty recipes, cocktail conversation, mediocre photography and good vibes.

Mix on friends.

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