Hibiscus Hot Toddy

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Pairs With: Whisk(e)y

Flavor Profile: Hibiscus + Manitoba Honey + Citrus

Now that the seasons have turned and it is officially sweater weather, why not indulge in a warm and satisfying cocktail? Whether it be around the fire, or curled up with your favorite blanket, this cocktail hits all the right spots.

We love the classic Hot Toddy but decided to build on this template by infusing some rich, floral hibiscus. This decision achieved a few things. Firstly, in the glass, the infusion gives this cocktail a festive dark mahogany hue. Next, on the nose, the hibiscus delicately complements the lemon for a bright satisfying scent. Finally, on the palate, the hibiscus and lemon give a delicious dry finish, which is leveled out by the addition of Manitoba honey, easily the most expressive honey we've tasted, and a beautiful product on its own.

Your true cocktail awaits.

Instructions: In a coffee mug combine 2oz Hibiscus Hot Toddy Cocktail Mix with 2oz Whisk(e)y. Top with 4 oz hot water.

Makes 4 Cocktails