Snowbird Punch

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Pairs With: Rum + Champagne

Flavor Profile: Pineapple + Raspberry + Lime

We wanted to create a tropical punch that would give us the vacation we want but can't have. So we combined pineapple, lime and raspberries for a tart, not too sweet delicious punch. Since we were thinking vacations we thought of the snowbirds and because this punch features a lovely red color, we also thought of the Snowbirds (the plane) and loved the nod to a significant piece of Canadiana. Pairing with Rum and finished with Champagne, this is the vacation you want when the snow is flying!

Your true cocktail awaits.

Instructions: Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher, fill with ice and stir. Pour into a large punch bowl over a large cube of ice. Finish with 3oz cold soda water and 3oz Champagne. Garnish with dehydrated citrus wheels.