That Winter Feelin'

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Pairs With: White Wine

Flavor Profile: Pear + Green Tea + Nori

 That Winter Feelin' is a Japanese-inspired warm cocktail that will change how you view warm drinks. Especially warm drinks using white wine.

Wait, Angel's Share is doing a warm white wine cocktail with nori?

That's right. You saw it here first. 

This cocktail features a green tea that is infused with nori and pink peppercorns. The tea is then mixed with pear, cinnamon and a touch of citrus. The green tea and nori play well with the underlying flavors of a crisp white wine, while the pear softens the edges when heated.

This cocktail benefits from a sweeter white wine like a Niagara Riesling.

Instructions: In a teapot combine 2oz That Winter Feelin' and 5oz white wine. Gently warm then serve in a mug garnished with a dehydrated orange wheel. 

Makes 4 Cocktails