Mint Julep

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Pairs With: Bourbon

Flavor Profile: Mint + Rich Simple Syrup


The classic cocktail from the 1800's. Cocktail historians matched the widespread industrialization and distribution of ice to the advent of this classic cocktail which was also a pivotal turning point in the history of mixology. Access to ice meant drinks could be built over ice which led to concepts such as dilution and aeration, fundamental to cocktails as we know them today. The Mint Julep, while simple and elegant is arguably a key pillar in the foundation of classic cocktails.

Instructions: In a julep tin (or rocks glass if you don't have access to a julep tin), combine 1/4 oz Mint Julep Cocktail Mix with 2 oz of your favorite Bourbon. Fill halfway with crushed ice and stir, adding more ice until the liquid and ice meet at the top of the glass and the julep tin is frosted. Garnish with a healthy bouquet of mint and a straw. 

Makes Approx. 30 Cocktails