Bottle Exchange

When we started this venture, we knew our cocktails were really good, but we also knew that as our Company grew, more and more bottles would be destined for the recycling bin, or worse the landfill. 
That's why we're proudly taking an initiative that will extend the useful life of our bottles and reduce waste!

Here's how it works:

  1. Purchase a bottle of your favorite Angel's Share Cocktail Co Craft Cocktail Mix
  2. Enjoy your Cocktails
  3. Return your clean bottle to any of our markets with our original label still attached. We will not accept bottles without original labels, bottles that are not clean or bottles that are cracked, chipped or damaged. Kindly recycle these bottles.
  4. Collect a stamp for every bottle returned
  5. Collect 10 stamps and receive a free bottle of our Craft Cocktail Mix

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I return bottles?

Bottles can be returned to us at any of our markets that we are attending. For a full list of upcoming markets check out our market page! 

If you're scheduled for local delivery and have bottles to return please leave your bottles outside your door and your stamp card in your mailbox. We'll collect the bottles upon delivery, provide your stamps and return your stamp card to your mailbox.

Why do your bottles need original labels?

There are a lot of similar bottles out on the market, and we need to be able to trace our production inputs back to the original suppliers. In order to do so, we need to know that the bottle is originally one of ours, which is why we need our labels affixed!

I lost my stamp card, what can I do?

We will have stamp cards available at all of our markets and provide stamp cards with online orders. Unfortunately if you had collected stamps on the card you lost we will be unable to replace those stamps.

How do I trade a completed stamp card for a free mix?

Please visit us at one of our markets to exchange your stamp card for a free bottle of your choosing!

Terms and Conditions:

 Angel's Share Cocktail Co LTD reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time without notice. Stamps, stamp cards and any other materials associated with this promotion have no monetary value. Angel's Share Cocktail Co LTD reserves the right to inspect all bottles to ensure they are free from visible mold, dirt or debris, cracks, chips and/or other defects. Angel's Share Cocktail Co LTD reserves the right to refuse any bottles containing visible mold, dirt or debris, cracks, chips and/or other defects.  All bottles must have original labels affixed.