Elderflower Old Fashioned

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Pairs With: Gin

Flavor Profile: Elderflower + Orange Bitters


The Old Fashioned style of cocktail is often associated with bourbon and whiskey, but can truly be made using any spirit and refers to a cocktail comprised of spirit, sugar and aromatic bitters. Our Elderflower Old Fashioned pairs with Gin, playing off its aromatics with the addition of Elderflower and orange bitters.

Our Old Fashioned house rules apply:

1) Find the right balance of flavor for your palate by adjusting the amount of mix used;

2) Always stir, never shake and;

3) Always serve over a fresh large cube of ice.

Instructions: Place a large cube of ice in a rocks glass. Add 1 bar spoon of Elderflower Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix with 2 oz of your favorite Gin. Short-stir to evenly mix. Garnish with an orange and lemon twist. 

Makes Approx. 15-20 Cocktails


Note: This cocktail mix contains cocktail bitters which are made with Glycerin alcohol.