Old Fashioned

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Pairs With: Whisk(e)y

Flavor Profile: Rich Demerara Sugar + Aromatic Bitters


The Old Fashioned is perhaps the most quintessential classic cocktail combining a base spirit, sweetness, aromatic bitters and proper dilution.

Our Old Fashioned house rules apply: 1) Find the right balance of flavor for your palate by adjusting the amount of mix used;

2) Always stir, never shake and;

3) Always serve over a fresh large cube of ice.

Instructions: Place a large cube of ice in a rocks glass. Add 1 bar spoon of Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix with 2 oz of your favorite Whisk(e)y. Short-stir to evenly mix. Garnish with an orange and lemon twist. 

Makes Approx. 15-20 Cocktails


Note: This cocktail mix contains cocktail bitters which are made with Glycerin alcohol.