Paloma #2

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Pairs With: Tequila

Flavor Profile: Grapefruit + Cinnamon + Lime

Our take on the traditional Paloma swaps out the grapefruit soda for grapefruit juice. We decided to infuse some cinnamon which plays well against the grapefruit as a tribute to our love of Tiki cocktails and one of the pivotal figures, Donn Beach.

Legend has it Donn Beach used to use secret codes such as Mix #1, #2, etc to protect his recipes. As nod to the OG of Tiki culture, Mr. Donn Beach, and his secretive naming conventions, we dubbed this fresh summer sipper Paloma #2.


Instructions: In a cocktail shaker, combine 2 oz Paloma #2 Cocktail Mix with 2 oz of your favorite Tequila. Fill shaker with ice and shake until properly aerated and chilled. Strain into a rocks glass rimmed with salt and fresh ice. Top with 2 oz cold seltzer. Garnish with a lime wedge.

Makes 4 Cocktails